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Our Approach: Your House of Marriage

The marriage you are about to embark on can be likened to building a new house, and your possession date is the one that's listed on your wedding invitations. The time between now and your "move-in date" is an invaluable time for you as a couple to evaluate what kind of house you're building in terms of:

The title deed - How ready are you to be married?
Your foundation - How much trust have you built together? How secure do you feel in each other? How central is Jesus Christ in your relationship?
Your walls - What are the values that will hold up your marriage? What beliefs about marriage do you have that will protect it from the "winds of adversity"?
Your furnishings - What kind of behaviours do you practice towards each other that are visible to those around you? Is there a habit or an "ugly couch" that you have on display in your marriage that needs to be remodeled?




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