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Coming soon! Each month, in a short Webinar format,  we'll show how to better understand an area of married life, and how to make it even better. Audio/Video file emailed (with really fun homework!) to all registrants.

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About our Coaching

We love helping couples get unstuck, learn new skills, and begin to soar to new heights in their relationship.

Using both in-person and online coaching sessions, we've made the personalized help you need both accessible and affordable. How? With a no-cost start, convenient scheduling, alternating-week sessions and flexible payment options.

So look no further for high-value input and solutions to get your marriage at it's prime! Use the form below for more on what we offer. You'll received a quick, personal response, or sign up for your free initial session by clicking here: 

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Workshops // Churches // Zoom

One of our favorite things to do is to present to churches or other organizations on the topic of marriage. These environments are a great way to benefit from CoupleThings ideas and solutions for your relationship.

From live Zoom Sessions to in-person seminars, we have something for everyone and every budget.

You'll learn the "couple things" that'll make any marriage even greater, the how-to's of communication and conflict resolution, plans of action for increasing romance and intimacy in marriage, and so much more.

Are you a pastor or event organizer? Contact us using the form below to discuss content options, scheduling and rates. More info: here.

Interested in upcoming Zoom and in-person events? Contact us using the form below. 

 Wedding Services

Whether you need an officiant for your special day, or some pre-marriage coaching sessions as the day draws closer, we would love to assist you.

During this busy and exciting time in your life, we help set the stage for your day with service planning and officiating, and help keep the focus on what matters most with pre-marriage coaching sessions.

Contact us using the form below to discuss topics, our flexible scheduling, and affordable rates

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What People Are Saying

You are just the thing that every newlywed couple needs in their lives! Thank you for all the time and wisdom you’ve invested.

Blaine & Jess

These [pre-marriage] sessions were so unexpected. We were prepared for something boring and impersonal, but walked away with invaluable life lessons. Thank you!

Justin & Emily

It was awesome to bring our marriage to the front of our lives again.


Excellent seminar! Great tools to take home to work on our marriage.


I learned a lot about myself and know things will only get better in our marriage from what was shared.


This [seminar] day felt like a real opportunity to begin the process of opening doors to deeper communication.


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