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Hi, We are Rowan and Mara

Here's our story


After working with many marriages successfully in the context of our church work, we saw the potential (and the need!) of bringing these concepts to even more couples. We decided to step out and offer marriage help in a more focused way.

Often times it's just a little help in the right direction that's needed to resolve marriage pain before worse happens. Often, to get unstuck in your relationship it's as simple as seeing something differently and learning how to change. Often it's prayer and support that's lacking for a couple, and they can struggle without it.

We aim for our services to be as accessible and affordable to as many couples as possible. We have found offering coaching and speaking services to be a great fit and we've been able to assist many couples in reaching better places in their marriages. We think it's a big part of what we're meant to be doing :-)  

Truth is, a marriage is designed to keep getting better - not plateau, or stagnate. We take a marriage fitness approach: Bring health to the relationship through correct perspectives and practices and the marriage will overcome challenges and thrive.

We live in Calgary, AB, Canada with our 4 kids. We're still involved in our church work too, believing that the message and the hope found there make all the difference in what we do.

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Why CoupleThings?


Many people ask what ARE the two "CoupleThings" of our namesake? Well, you'll need connect with us to get the full details but essentially they are the the two practices that if implemented in any relationship, that relationship will begin to thrive.

In fact, a struggling relationship can begin to turn around if even just one partner will make the commitment to these habits. If there's already good momentum between the two of you, they will serve to accelerate your success! 

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