It's the Emotion that Counts Most

Jan 12, 2023

Think of it: Emotion drew you from single to dating and from dating to married, right? It wasn't intellect alone. And it's emotion that keeps you thru the rough times too. Emotion gives you empathy for each other and it bridges the gap between mental assent and connection of hearts.

Emotion brings us what you really want.

So rather than shying away from emotional exchange, dare to share your heart in the quiet moments - what you're feeling about life, yourself, each other. Guess, reflect and refine your perception of what the other going thru. Take time to express the complex, conflicting feelings. Handle emotions carefully and be a safe place for each other. Don't judge, really listen, draw each other out. 

How you handle each other's hearts is foundational for a life-in-love together. Practice the art. Especially if it's tricky or unusual for you to do so.

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