The Small Thing

Dec 12, 2023

Marriage is about big things: The rest of your life, your single-biggest responsibility, the children you bring into the world, the largest cause of stress, grief or joy!

All big things, and sometimes overwhelming, especially if things aren't going well. Yet the quality of marriage boils down to little things. The little things you do or don't do that steer the big things. Drill down a little further and you'll find The Small Thing - the one thing that you could actually do, starting today, that will make all the difference in your marriage "these days".

It's worth discovering this and finding it out. Sure you might need to choose from a few top ideas, but when you pick it, it becomes your small thing - the zeroed in on, actionable item that you can actually do. The one change you could make, the one you choose to make, that'll make all the difference for your partner.

Is it the way you greet him or her when you first come in the door? Is it kissing her shoulder before you get up in the morning? Is it remembering to use a gentle start-up when you want to bring something up that's sensitive? Is it serving your partner in some way?

Marriage is about little things. The way you foster togetherness in the moment, the environment you're creating for your children with every word spoken, the manner in which you set it up for joy with each interaction. 


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