Three Questions in Marriage

Sep 02, 2023

There are three questions to know the answer to in marriage betterment. Not only to know the answers for a season, but also continually discover and update those answers. To do this over time sets you up for increased marriage bliss and a sense of purpose And besides, they're really great conversation starters!

1. Who am I?

Know how to describe yourself. Your strengths, weakness, personality, gifts and talents, deepest hopes, dreams, desires, fears; where you're at in your spiritual journey, what goals you're working on, how you act under pressure, what you most enjoy in life, etc. etc. 

2. Who are you?

Know how to describe your partner. Use the list above - do you know the answers? How about exploring them more with him/her? Probe. Seek to really understand what it's like to be them. It can't hurt, and your curiosity here will feel great to them. 

3. Who are we?

This is the really fun part, and yet it's often undescribed and unchartered. Determine to fix that. Have conversations around who you are a couple. What do you stand for? What are your values? What purpose together are you exploring; what path in life are you on? What really matters to you both? Why do you need each other, work good together, compliment each other? Look for common denominators, emotional responses, deeper conversations. This is where you can really shine as a couple and be an increasing source of strength and hope to those around you. It feels great!

This all starts with question one. To the degree you have stability and happiness there, you can step from there to explore the other questions. What's really great in marriage is that we can help answer questions one and two for each other; we can update each other and encourage each other on our personal journey through life. As we do this we can bring our understandings there to question three, wherein lies great potential for togetherness and influence beyond our marriages. 

And all of this doesn't have a limit. Limitless, life-long, wonderful discovery - that's the journey of marriage. Go ahead, and have some great conversations!

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